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The Omnichannel Experience: Exceed Customer Expectations

New technologies have transformed the way that consumers interact with brands, and we’ve seen customer expectations of companies rise accordingly. Entire organizations have shifted their strategy to focus on what is now considered the most critical aspect of an outward facing organization — the customer experience.

Multichannel vs. Omnichannel Communications

In order to win a customer in today’s climate, an organization must be able to address each customer’s needs and give them a warm, personalized experience. Though many organizations have already established a presence on social media and opened up a wide variety of communication channels, they’re finding that use of chat and text-based channels are not totally fulfilling their customers' needs.

Despite the availability of text, messenger apps, or live chat for getting in touch with a brand, people continue to rely on the telephone to contact a company for support, order information, and other inquiries.

So while expanding the number of digital communication channels is a step that every organization should take, the most critical factor is in creating a true omnichannel experience. This means uniting these channels into one, streamlined journey, where the customer can jump in at any time, on any device or platform, and find themselves right where they left off. This is absolutely key in creating an experience that will delight — and more importantly retain — customers.

How can I create an omnichannel experience?

Using advanced VoIP and Voice AI technology, over.ai is able to provide organizations the tools to create a true omnichannel experience for their customers. Implementing Voice AI-enabled technology into a business’s communication channels will allow them to scale their telephone operations to meet high volumes of requests, while maintaining the highest standard of service.

A company would be able to communicate with a customer through a chatbot on a messaging platform, then continue that process on the phone or any other channel.  The Voice AI solution can be integrated with any platform, allowing a company to synchronize their communication channels and to provide an omnichannel customer experience that will exceed even the highest customer expectations.

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