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AI-powered Conversational Surveys

Customer experience (CX) has become just another buzzword, but smart organizations have been ramping up their use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) based technologies in order to meet growing customer expectations.

Many companies learned the hard way that creating an accessible, efficient customer feedback loop is now not only beneficial to business growth, but a precedent to it.

Why AI-powered conversational surveys?

Traditionally, customer satisfaction surveys have received a relatively low response rate and provided a minimal amount of useful data at a high cost to the company. The implementation of AI-powered conversational surveys is changing that, allowing enterprise organizations and even SMBs to easily and cost-efficiently receive customer feedback.

How do AI-powered customer satisfaction surveys work?

Innovations in AI and natural language processing (NLP) allow the creation of automated outbound calls to customers. The AI-based system will sound like a  responsive, and interactive human being, engaging the customer in a live, natural conversation. Customers certainly prefer this method of obtaining feedback, and are much more likely to participate in this conversational process than to fill out a traditional survey or feedback form.

Measuring sales and customer support teams with post-call surveys is also an increasingly popular use case of this technology. The AI system will follow up after a call, and conduct a natural conversation with the customer to determine their level of satisfaction in a holistic manner that reveals the true intention and meaning of customer feedback.

By facilitating real conversations, asking follow-up questions and leading customers through an intuitive flow of conversation, an organization can get feedback that leads to the true root of an issue. This type of insight can be invaluable, and it just isn't produced through a traditional survey format.

How is AI implemented into the customer feedback loop?

The implementation is simple, quick, and especially relative to traditional surveying methods, very low cost. The AI-powered system is cloud-based and integrates seamlessly with your organization's phone operation systems and CRM.

After the system is configured to suit your business needs and goals, everything is automated — outbound calls are scheduled to go out to customers at an ideal time, and the feedback received through surveys will be entered into your CRM or database. Your customers' suggestions and comments will be processed through a speech-to-text algorithm, making it easy for your team to sort and evaluate feedback.

Many companies have already realized the benefits of integrating an AI-powered conversational survey process into their operations, and they've been their customer satisfaction and NPS scores rise. In a world where customer experience is everything, those that really listen to and care for their customers come out on top — will your organization be one of them?

To learn more about how you can implement a conversational survey experience to get the results you seek from your customer feedback surveys and the customer experience that you need, talk to a Vonage AI representative today.

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