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AI-powered call center disaster recovery service for business continuity planning

Maintaining continuity of your call center operations in an emergency is critical to mitigating damages to your organization and to your customers.

An emergency or disaster may occur at any time, including natural disasters, power outages, network interruptions, fires, and even hardware or human failure. In any of these cases, your contact center may not be able to operate, whether it's because employees won't be able to get there, or you experience an IT disruption.

Why does my contact center need a business continuity plan?

This can seriously impede the main purpose of any call center - being an always available resource for your customerst contact your organisation. The results on your business operations may be major, in a situation where:

- Customers can't reach your organisation.
- Your employees may not be able to work, leaving you with an insufficient number of agents.
- Office space may be unusable or unaccessible.
- You have a major increase in call volume that you don't have capacity to handle.

This can lead to crippling consequences to your business's financial state, company reputation, and consumer confidence in your organisation.

What's wrong with existing Disaster Recovery as a Service plans?

Disaster recovery planning and business continuity plans are expensive and require a large amount of time and effort. Fortunately, advances in Voice AI technology allow a better way to implement a cloud-based Disaster Recovery as a Service.

An AI powered business continuity plan for contact centers is more easily implemented and cost efficient than previously available solutions.

What is an AI powered Contact Center Business Continuity Plan?

In the event of an emergency, inbound calls to your contact center can instantly be rerouted to be answered by a custom made, AI powered contact center agent. The Voice AI representative can answer multiple calls simultaneously, easily handling any volume of calls, even during large call volume spikes. The agent speaks in natural language and is trained to suit your business and your customers’ needs, so your customers will be able to get the information and resolutions they need efficiently.

Your Voice AI agent may be directly integrated into your company’s CRM and other communications infrastructure, allowing a seamless transition between your Disaster Recovery as a Service plan and your regular, day-to-day contact center operations.

Utilizing a Voice AI agent as a fallback in time of emergency gives your organization a secondary infrastructure while focusing on repairing your primary infrastructure and contact center. Having a reliable secondary infrastructure in a disaster will minimize the damage to your business and keep your customers feeling connected and cared for at all times.

After discussing your business needs with a Vonage AI account manager, our team will create a scalable, fully customized AI contact center agent that is suited to your company, your customers, and your business goals. Your cloud-based AI representative quickly and easily integrates into your business phone lines and CRM, and can be activated at any time — whether it’s a natural disaster, IT disruption, or simply a spike in call volume.

Our team is ready consult with you and see what AI Powered Business Continuity plan will best suit your needs. Talk to a Vonage AI rep today.

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